Post Construction Inlet Protection

Municipalities, Universities, Military, Facilities, Developments. 

How much do we spend on underground infrastructure systems?  A lot.  Aside from building, the maintenance and repair & the annual cleaning out of systems, starts adding up.

Why not drastically lower the costs spent on this resulting in:

  • Cleaner Stormwater Entering our Bodies of Water
  • Job Creation
  • Drastic reduction of the debris, trash,  sediment, etc. from entering our Underground Infrastructure Systems.
  • Environmental advancements made by and for your community.

How do we do this. 

EZ-Catch, EZ-Flo, & EZ-GlipGuard Inlet Protection is the first step.

Reduce the dollars spent on repair, maintenance. and annual cleanings dramatically.

These dollars saved easily pay for:

  1. 2 EZ Inlet Protection Units per Outlet
  2. Labor to rotate these every 2-3 months (Back for cleaning, and back wash)
  3. Labor to inspect following large rain events
  4. Other programs.  You will save money while doing the right thing.

So, let's step up.  Which municipality, military branch, company would like to be involved in showing the rest of the world how following what you do will result in greatness for all.

Flo-Water:  Capturing Sediment on the Go, Enabling Clean Water to Flow.

Sediment Control

The need to deal with StormWater is here.  New advancements in Products and Solutions are raising the bar in the following areas.

1. Increased Erosion 2. Water Shortages 3. Reusable Water 4. Construction, Urban Areas, Cities, Towns, & Farmers need to act.

Check out for revolutionary ideas in Sediment Control.

Increased flow rates, greater filter efficiency, and positives to end-users:

Saving Time, Labor, Equipment, and Money. . . . .While increasing performance.

Isn't it great when it makes financial sense to save the environment.

Corydon Coppola, CPESC